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We conduct an initial input and brainstorming session with the Client to assess individual needs and to spark new ideas. Based on the outcome of our first session, we produce preliminary colour plans and three-dimensional renderings to communicate our design intent. We then review our preliminary concept drawings with the client and based on their input move on to stage 2.


Based on a finalized concept from Stage 1, we produce a computer generated Working Drawing (blue print) package which consists of layout, planting, grading and lighting plans and cross section details for all necessary landscape architectural elements within the final concept design. Fully detailed Plant Lists and written specification on all site accessories and material finishes are also provided.


We act as an advisor to the client should they choose to move towards the construction phase of the project. We first issue the working drawings with a Tender Form to our referred list of contractors for bidding. The Tender Form is an itemized list of all construction activities, which allows the client to understand how quoted construction costs are broken down. Once completed, we review the tender forms with the client to determine a preferred bidder, develop a phasing in strategy and if required, revise our designs to suit the client's budget.


We coordinate a contract agreement between the Client and selected Contractors. To ensure that our designs are executed successfully, we visit the project during construction to inspect the work being done. As a representative of the client, we approve the release of progress payments to the Contractor(s) involved and resolve any issues that may arise during the construction process. For the benefit of the client, we also inspect the completed construction to ensure the durability and quality of the final installation.