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On Hope Springs Eternal at Canada Blooms:

"As I walked toward your installation at the Flower snd Garden show this past year I was struck by the incredible scent of lillies. As I made my way up the stone steps, I lost all sense of scale and felt like I was in a park. Trees, "fields" of flowers, and a wood and stone gazebo at the top of the "hill" shocked me how in such a small area you created such a tableau. Thank you for such a delightful experience, needless to say I stayed longer than expected."


On the Winning Design for the Alex Wilson Community Garden:

"The Ford Group scheme has much to recommend it..."

“...they′ve done a smashing job using native plants which echo the Ontario landscape."

On public appearances:

“Your presentation was wonderful. The photos were superb showing the plants and trees in the various seasons, something that most presenters do not do and winter interest is so important ( especially this winter). The audience also likes to be given specific varieties to think about in their garden, your handout and talk showing the plant material did this admirably. Thank you for speaking at Canada Blooms. It was a pleasure to meet you.”